Tabubil, Western Province

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Change” the way we think and approach for better future.
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• Equal participation. • Integrity • Fairness • Honesty • Share Success
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About Nurumi Holdings Limited

Nurumi Holdings Limited is 100% Locally Own Registered Company to bring one common understanding for common purpose and that is “For Change” in the way we think and our approach for a better future.


Our success is depended by quality performance, financial capacity, community’s obligations and the management and environmental impacts.


A 100% locally owned registered company, Nurumi Holdings Limited has been operating for almost 5 years in the Telefomin District in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea.

Why Choose Us

Nationally Owned

Nurumi Holdings is 100 percent Nationally owned.

Quality Assurance

Our Supply and Procurement team deliver efficient and effective cost analysis to manage projects on time and complete projects within time frame.

Skilled professionals

We have a team of Highly competent Professionals , and skilled workers from surrounding communities who have been trained to assist.

infrastructure Development

Our aim is to develop infrastructures to be able to allow our people to have access to Services and infrastructure development


Establish a framework for the development strategy that can continue to compliment government, communities and private sector development initiatives in Teleformin District in Sandaun Province in the leading up to and beyond 2025 development strategies.



Dedicated support for community Infrastructure development for the district, province and Nation as a whole.


Project Development

We are locally specialized in bridges and building constructions. 

We continue to support Teleformin district development plan by providing basic essential services for our communities.

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Sample Project Videos

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